Brand Awareness

Get your brand noticed!

This page is not about the importance of brand awareness. Our hope is that if you are reading this, you already understand the importance and are looking to get started with increasing awareness of your organisation’s brand.

More and more business owners recognise the need for  a digital footprint as part of their marketing package, but there is still a big gap in understanding the various elements and platforms used on-line.

If you’d like some guidance in this area, we will walk you through the essential discovery elements that are required for any marketing project including, but not limited to:

  • establishing clear and measurable goals,
  • basic SWOT analysis,
  • understanding the target audience and competition.

Following this, we look at doing the relevant on-line research. This helps to provide insight into the tactical approach of the strategy. Using the discovery and research information, a digital strategy is completed. This document clearly articulates the goals and objectives of the project, how we plan to achieve these goals and by when. It will also provide information about the digital platforms that will be used as well as the measurement tools.

Once the strategy has been agreed and signed-off, then some or all of the other services will be used to execute on the strategy. Read more about the rest of the services available here: