Mobile App for Events

For iOS, Android

If you’ve been looking for a reliable mobile app for events, look no further.

We can assist in sourcing solutions to take your event to the next level and save organisers time, money and stress.

We configure, manage, support and promote the app on your behalf, saving you time and giving you peace of mind.

Typically a mobile app will allow you to upload most (if not all) of the information you would usually include in your printed guide, such as:

  • Event agenda
  • Venue maps
  • Delegate Information
  • Speaker Bios
  • Exhibitor Bios and advertising
  • Sponsor Bios  and advertising
  • Surveys/Feedback
  • Integration to social
  • And more.


You’ll be surprised by the benefits of using an app, which include:

For you, the organiser

  • Much less printing and therefore
    • Kinder to the environment
    • Corrections or updates are no-fuss
    • More cost-effective
  • Last minute changes are easily and effectively communicated
  • Simple, efficient (and impressive)
  • Update Agenda in one place (instantly reflected on your conference web site)
  • Easy to read, graphical reports
  • You’ll impress your delegates, sponsors and exhibitors

For Delegates

  • The ability to create their own personal agenda with reminders
  • Take notes using the app & search for information in one place
  • Effective Networking using scanned business cards and quick access to social media
  • Increased engagement with live polling

For Sponsors and Exhibitors

  • Increased exposure
  • Continuously highlight sponsors throughout the event with Sponsor Banner Ads
  • Sponsor List Includes logos and links with proper levels
  • Empower exhibitors to increase their brand visibility with exhibitor profiles
  • Promote and run competitions using the app

Data Security and Privacy

We only recommend and use apps that:

  • Are devloped by reputable companies using servers hosted by high-security cloud systems
  • Use data encryption with strong industry-standard cryptographic protocol
  • Provide service uptimes of 100% with a constant automatic backup system