On-line Marketing

Everything to do with promotion using on-line technology

On-line Marketing (aka Digital Marketing) is a term that encompasses the variety of activities that are performed on the Internet in order to advertise and/or sell your company, goods or services to your target market.

When the internet became mainstream, the new darling in advertising and marketing was the ‘cheap and easy’ on-line option. Cheap and easy is no longer the case. Yes, you are guaranteed to pay less per lead (or conversion) than traditional marketing methods, and you can achieve more in a shorter time-frame. However, you need a broad understanding of all the elements, ranging from development, design, how search engines operate, as well as user psychology (differing on mobile vs. desktop) and more.

Larger organisations will have the luxury of employing specialist analysts, developers, designers, content strategists and other specialised roles, but the smaller companies simply cannot afford the overhead.

An agency or consultant should be able to assist you in drawing up a strategy that covers all bases applicable to your company and service offering.

From there, enough advice can be provided to help you develop the in-house skills required to progress your goals.