Website Development

Your virtual shop front

Website development is at the heart of most digital strategies. In general, the idea is to drive targeted traffic to the site, which acts as the ‘shop front’ of the organisation. Having a website means that your customers have 24/7 access to information about your company and its offering. Your website can also provide other services, like the ability for people to:

  • subscribe to newsletters,
  • register to attend an event or;
  • access product support, if required.

With the right approach, your website should attract potential customers who will be able to get an idea of whether your company’s offering is a good fit for their needs, hopefully resulting in a qualified lead for your sales department to nurture into a customer.

With this in mind we provide a comprehensive website development service that starts with the customer in mind. While User Experience (UX) is always top of mind, our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experience enables us to build sites that are search engine friendly too. Our philosophy: If your site can’t be found by users, how can it possibly be user-friendly?

We only use responsive templates so that sites are accessible across a ranged of devices and we aim to keep our sites consistent, simple and easy to navigate.