Are you making these 6 online marketing mistakes?

In business terms, online marketing is a relatively new discipline.  It therefore stands to reason that, in its adoption, some mistakes will be made. This blog lists some of the common online marketing mistakes companies are making and provides tips on how to prevent or remedy them. Mistake #1: Traditional marketers can easily transition into […]

Web sites and diet pills

In our modern world, we’re all accomplished in our fields of expertise.  As business people we have progressed and climbed up the proverbial corporate ladder by making good decisions and revisiting our company strategies to maintain our focus…haven’t we? All the great business cliches have been hammered into us every step of the way, but […]

Design for SEO or UX?

When looking at creating a great web site, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration: Site Architecture and navigation Design elements Branding User-friendliness Content Search Engine Optimisation Site/Page performance   With all of this to consider it becomes an onerous task to actually get a site up and running. My approach […]