Jubez Digital

/ Jooobzzzz / - noun
See it feels good to say it.

How many SEO experts does it take to change a lightbulb?

light, bulb, lamp, lighting, source of light, lamp light, electric lighting

The short tail answer: two

The long tail answer: two digital experts

Run by two passionate geek girls

who often co-collaborate with other industry experts to get the job done. Our boutique (because its specific) offering makes sure your brand lives online as successfully as it does on land.

It started with SEO in March 2015, but the digital love bug bit hard and from there it was a simple case of CTRL+ALT+DELETE on anything in our lives that wasn’t digitally driven until we upped our service offering to offer a 360degree digital marketing solution – tailored to any client, in any industry.

(when we’re friends we will let you call us Jooobzzzz squared)

Hi, I’m Heleen and I’m addicted to marketing

I love to travel and started my digital journey as the Marketing Manager for Leisure travel after spending 14 years at Flight Centre Travel Group.

I also really love puppies, toasted cheese sandwiches, orchids, jacarandas, purple, coffee, reading and travelling.

(Hi Heleen)

Hi, I’m Julie and I’m addicted to marketing

I cut my digital teeth over the course of 19 years at a multi-national company where I eventually ran their online marketing department.

I also really love sunflowers, orange, coffee, all things Apple, reading, long walks in the country-side and a great game of Padel Tennis.

(Hi Julie)

Together we are the directors and the creative minds at Jubez Digital.

We share many things – a passion for anything and everything digital, a set of solid values that our parents taught us, teaspoons when we don’t feel like doing dishes, but most importantly creative digitally driven solutions to get your business noticed. Oh, and coffee. Even with a shared teaspoon.

Let’s chat – because we love that too…